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9 October 2020

Hi Karin Firstly thank you for all your hard work on this it is really appreciated you have gone beyond to help keep our holiday alive and thank you to the entire Holiday Factory Team you are certainly an asset to your company. Please can you share this with your relevant Directors.

by Andrea Seaton

9 October 2020

Holiday Factory has been SO helpful throughout this pandemic. We value you guys so much x

by Natasha Otten

9 October 2020

HI Flora We CAN DO THIS. Thanks for all your assistance and guidance with every single booking. It’s wonderful to be working with such amazing people like YOU. Thank YOU. Thank you Kind regards Kerstin

by Kerstin

9 October 2020

Hi Marilyn Thank you so much for helping us agents. Holiday Factory has been so accommodating to the client and to agents. Thank you Debra

by Debra Dovey

9 October 2020

I just received one of the most polite well-written and informative emails that I have received in a long time. For that I thank Lauren and The Holiday Factory sincerely. Many thanks and regards Lindsay Bassett

by Lindsay Bassett

9 October 2020

Thank you good people for looking after my holiday interests it’s why we use Holiday Factory

by Paul

16 October 2020

The Holiday Factory and Flora Fubbs have been outstanding in tis covid crisis for me and my credit held bookings. Today Flora pulled a rabbit out of a hat and literally made my customers dreams come true Life has a funny way of working out sometimes. Thank you Flora for what you do

by Kirsty Heath

16 October 2020

I contacted Flora Fubbs @ The Holiday Factory on Thursday last week to book my clients honeymoon to Maldives that they couldnt take in March. Thursday evening Flora confirmed Friday morning I got the documents and they flew on Saturday. What can I say - this is how things should be done. Thank you Flora

by Zenobia Moolman

16 October 2020

Holiday Factory has been been amazing. Flora Fubbs and Fiona have been absolutely the best. When all this is Covid-19 over we will remember those who remembered us. strongertogether

by Charmaine Lombard

16 October 2020

The Holiday Factory Flora Fubbs is excellent kind friendly knowledgeable and embodies all that is awesome in wholesale. She makes my life easier and travel is a happier and less stressful place with her handling things. You are just an amazing person Flora

by Justine Jenkins

16 October 2020

Thank you SO much to the team at THF Heather Karin and Marilyn worked SO hard trying to get my booking finalised with a client who was seriously shopping around. After I think at least 7 quotes they managed to match and even beat the company the clients was price matching with and everyone was happy in the end. ESPECIALLY me I have said it before Ill say it again - these ladies were ROCK STARS from start to finish and ALL absolute pleasures to work with. thank you again ladies Have a lekker weekend Stac

by Stacy de Wet