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9 March 2022

I want to thank each and everyone of the HF TEAM.... How you stay so flippen cheerful and Happy all the time not to mention helpful and going out of your way is something I have to learn... heheh. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK..... Love

by Jaenette Struwig

2 March 2022

I had the pleasure of dealing with Rosalia A huge THANK YOU to It was the most amazing experience dealing with a patient and understanding consultant. Rosalia has always been the best and has always been very patient with all the changes my clients have made always helped with the best possible service... Thank you very much Rosália for all your patience and support for helping us and offering the best service. I really appreciate it.

by Aisha Keroshni Ravat

17 September 2021

Awesome and efficient service from Karin and the team at the holiday factory Thank you so much We are looking forward to our first family vacation God willing Kind regards the Moti family

by Tah’seen and Mohamed Moti

2 August 2021

Dear All Wow Is all I can say about the service I got from Lauren @ Holiday Factory this weekend. My clients came through to me on Thursday about a potential Zanzibar booking for this week. She said they would decide on Friday if they got their visas. I got a quote from Flora booked flights and sent all information to the client. She decided late Friday that the family was definitely going. I got hold of Lauren on Saturday morning and she was brilliant contacted the hotel sent me the quotes etc. The client battled with the online payment as we kept getting an error. Lauren contacted the Holiday Factory Finance guy and all was sorted. She messaged me today to say that we should get the confirmation from the Hotel today. Was such a pleasure to deal with someone that went over and above especially on a weekend. Holiday Factory you rock Kind regards Kim Muller Focus on Travel

by Kim Muller

15 July 2021

Just wanted to let everyone know about the most amazing service from the Holiday Factory Res team. I had Been dealing with Karin for last minute booking that just landed up being so stressful. She handled it with such grace and then at some point I have to speak to Heather afterhours to assist with last minute confirmation. And prior to that Marilyn to help clarify validity of passport she went absolutely out of her way to give me info in such a friendly manner and calmed my nerves completely. Karin and Heather woke up at 4am this morning to make sure I can get the hotel confirmed and my client was able to travel today. It was just amazing. Please pass on my absolute awe and gratitude for this sterling service Thank you Warm regards Charmaine

by Charmaine McFarland

8 July 2021

Lauren is fantastic she really goes the extra mile to assist me with all my bookings WELL DONE LAUREN and thank you for your kind assistance you are a real star. Thank you again.

by Rhoma Lombaard

30 May 2021

Thank you so much Holiday Factory for organizing such a memorable trip during a tough covid period. Despite the wedding being postponed a year on and every business suffering as a consequence of the pandemic you managed to make our honeymoon so special without any additional charges. Customer service was unreal. A big shout out to Flora it was an amazing experience working with you

by Ngenjerwa Nyirenda

24 May 2021

Thank you Holiday Factory for planning our dream holiday Fiona was amazing and always so ready to help...even while we were in the Maldives and we decided to extend our stay she was on the ball with changing all details. We have dealt with Holiday Factory a few times before and will always do so in future. Kind regards Charne Benge

by Charne Benge

17 May 2021

Hi Karin Marilyn Thank you so much again for all your assistance with this booking the clients had a fantastic honeymoon at Hudhuranfushi and I wanted to share their feedback with you. Thank you for making it happen Hi Jessica We are very well thank you and hope you are too. I would like to start off with saying thank you very much for all your hard work and sweat to ensure we had an amazing honeymoon holiday. We had a great experience and would recommend it to all our friends and family to visit the Maldives and the resort. The staff and facilities were very nice and we enjoyed every moment of our holiday.

by Jessica Simply Travel

11 May 2021

Hi Holiday Factory My clients absolutely loved every minute of their Maldives honeymoon Thank you so much again for all your help Everything went very well they loved their room. Thank you again for making their honeymoon really memorable ?????? Kind Regards Avon Pillay

by Avon Pillay

11 May 2021

Hi Team Holiday Factory. Thank you for your amazing efforts on this booking with such short notice. You all rock and its great to work with such committed Tour Operators. Have a great weekend

by Paolo Giuricich

23 February 2021

I have just done a Maldives booking with Karin – this booking was handled so professionally by her. She was informative always available and replied quickly to my e-mails. Sometimes as early as 6 o’clock on the morning Yesterday I needed to add an extra passenger to the booking – very rushed and very tight as they are leaving today. We started working on it at 7 o’clock in the morning and by 12 o’clock I had my documents to send off to my clients. I would really like to commend her on her level of service her friendliness and her professionalism. I hope to one day after Covid19 has stopped tormenting us send as much business possible her way.

by Nicola Rautenbach

5 February 2021

A huge THANK YOU to Lauren for all your help with a rather challenging and ever-ongoing Seychelles booking. Thanks for always being willing to lend a hand and go the extra mile. Things have definitely been crazy for everyone but you continue to have a great attitude. Thanks to you and the entire Holiday Factory team

by Kerstin Engela-Hrabovsky

27 January 2021

Shout out to Lauren Hunt - You are The Pixie with magic dust Thanks for your patience commitment and going beyond the call of duty for me.

by Linda Glyn-Cuthbert Wattrus

27 January 2021

Our Holiday was ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE I cannot recommend The Holiday Factory Sea Cliff or Gallery Tours enough. Everyone we dealt with – in SA and Zanzibar – were friendly helpful informative and went absolutely over-the-top to make the trip run smoothly and stress free. I can’t express enough what a pleasure it was.

by Natalya Michalakis

15 January 2021

A huge shout out to Flora Fubbs at Holiday Factory for assisting me to sort clients - initial trip April 2020 changed to 16Jan21 - EK to MLE - need i say more - extremely stressful but all sorted - thank u thank u i can sleep tonight??????. Tania Bezer you both rock stars

by Jenny Kutlu

1 December 2020

I would like to thank Fiona for helping me with a booking for a client I think she knows how appreciative I am as I have just shouted I LOVE YOU in her ear. Our jobs have gone from challenging to exhausting and then COVID happened. Fiona Once again I appreciate you so much.

by Jaenette Struwig

30 October 2020

The service from Holiday Factory especially Karin Roux has been amazing... Thank you for all your patience and support throughout the booking process. Excellent service..

by Presha Pranjivan

30 October 2020



26 October 2020

I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with Karin Roux from Holiday Factory. It has been the most amazing experience dealing with a patient and understanding consultant. Karin has only been the best and has only ever had so much patience through all of the changes my clients have made… She never once made me feel like we were asking for too much and always assisted with the best possible service… Your organization is blessed to have such an amazing hard worker… Thank you Karin for all your patience and support especially during these trying times… :) I really do appreciate it. Further more the website portal that you guys have is brilliant… :)well done. I will definitely be using Holiday Factory’s a lot more going forward… :) Kind Regards Presha Pranjivan

by Presha Pranjivan,Pranjivan

16 October 2020

Thank you SO much to the team at THF Heather Karin and Marilyn worked SO hard trying to get my booking finalised with a client who was seriously shopping around. After I think at least 7 quotes they managed to match and even beat the company the clients was price matching with and everyone was happy in the end. ESPECIALLY me I have said it before Ill say it again - these ladies were ROCK STARS from start to finish and ALL absolute pleasures to work with. thank you again ladies Have a lekker weekend Stac

by Stacy de Wet

16 October 2020

The Holiday Factory Flora Fubbs is excellent kind friendly knowledgeable and embodies all that is awesome in wholesale. She makes my life easier and travel is a happier and less stressful place with her handling things. You are just an amazing person Flora

by Justine Jenkins

16 October 2020

Holiday Factory has been been amazing. Flora Fubbs and Fiona have been absolutely the best. When all this is Covid-19 over we will remember those who remembered us. strongertogether

by Charmaine Lombard

16 October 2020

I contacted Flora Fubbs @ The Holiday Factory on Thursday last week to book my clients honeymoon to Maldives that they couldnt take in March. Thursday evening Flora confirmed Friday morning I got the documents and they flew on Saturday. What can I say - this is how things should be done. Thank you Flora

by Zenobia Moolman

16 October 2020

The Holiday Factory and Flora Fubbs have been outstanding in tis covid crisis for me and my credit held bookings. Today Flora pulled a rabbit out of a hat and literally made my customers dreams come true Life has a funny way of working out sometimes. Thank you Flora for what you do

by Kirsty Heath

9 October 2020

Thank you good people for looking after my holiday interests it’s why we use Holiday Factory

by Paul

9 October 2020

I just received one of the most polite well-written and informative emails that I have received in a long time. For that I thank Lauren and The Holiday Factory sincerely. Many thanks and regards Lindsay Bassett

by Lindsay Bassett

9 October 2020

Hi Marilyn Thank you so much for helping us agents. Holiday Factory has been so accommodating to the client and to agents. Thank you Debra

by Debra Dovey

9 October 2020

HI Flora We CAN DO THIS. Thanks for all your assistance and guidance with every single booking. It’s wonderful to be working with such amazing people like YOU. Thank YOU. Thank you Kind regards Kerstin

by Kerstin

9 October 2020

Holiday Factory has been SO helpful throughout this pandemic. We value you guys so much x

by Natasha Otten

9 October 2020

Hi Karin Firstly thank you for all your hard work on this it is really appreciated you have gone beyond to help keep our holiday alive and thank you to the entire Holiday Factory Team you are certainly an asset to your company. Please can you share this with your relevant Directors.

by Andrea Seaton